December 1, 2012

5 Tips for Successful Blogging

Five Tips for Successful Blogging

5: Write often!

Obviously, the only way to succeed at something is to actually do it often. As with blogging, if you don't blog often or are very irregular, you're never going to generate a lot of traffic. The more posts you make, the more people frequent. Again, the absolute worst thing you can do is quit writing.

4: Write about things that other people will share.

This is usually writing things that not only you are interested in, but other people are as well; a club, in a sense. Like this blog is normally about politics and religion, so I'd expect that the people sharing my content are interested in politics and religion as well.

It's okay to write about things that you personally are interested in, but not everybody will want to read about what your cat Miffles ate today. You'll want to write on topics that engage your audience and welcome them into the conversation as well, instead of blogging as if you're an authority on the subject. Which brings us too...

3: Engage the audience!

Your readers will want to be engaged, or welcomed to chime in their opinions on the topic. This usually takes place in the comment section of your blog posts. Whether you reply to everybody who comments or not is entirely up to you or course, but be friendly and be calm. As I said before, don't blog as if you're an authority on the subject. Nobody likes being talked down upon.

2: Participate in communities related to your main topic(s).

One of the easiest ways to gain more traffic for your blog is to participate in communities that are related to your blog's topics. Say, for example, you were operating a Green blog. If there are any Green groups near your location, you would be advised to join them and actively participate, make friends, and share your blog with them.

As like tip #4, in doing so, you are writing about things that these people will read and will want to share.with their other like-minded friends.

However, not all of us enjoy constantly self-advertising, especially on things that we sometimes don't feel that people are even reading. For this, this is when you need to learn...

1: Search Engine Optimization.

The #1 tip I would give would be to learn Search Engine Optimization. Personally, I believe that SEO should be a requirement for bloggers to know.

The way I usually explain what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is that it's basically a big word that means "Making sure your website stays on the first page of Google." Essentially, that's a lot of what SEO is. The more you publish, the more of Google's web crawlers will see activity on your website, so the more likely of your website being listed high on their search engine's results.

It's not just publishing though, and publishing spam is just for the sake of publishing is highly il-advised. Along with just publishing, you will need to know how to keyword and use existing keywords.

Of course, SEO can take the fun out of blogging and can make it seem more like a job, but for a successful blog, you will need to put some work in it.

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