March 1, 2013

College Sucks. And It's Also a Scam

College Sucks. It's also a Scam

Last September, John Flerianos wrote "Why College Sucks". It's worth a read, however short.

It's true though. College does suck. And what else?

College is Also A Scam

My god, is it expensive. How many people in our economy can afford a $50,000 tuition?[1][2
How many people end up taking student loans? Is it really wise to accumulate $200,000 worth of debt in four years and at such a young age? But perhaps I'm using the wrong numbers, as the average student graduates with $25,000 worth of student loan debt.[3]

Plus, there's no promise in receiving a job after graduating. Yet, for example, I'm unqualified to write a blog as an unpaid intern for Company Y because I'm not in college or haven't received a degree in journalism? Why do I need a college education in order to write a blog? It's not a high skill job! Plus, I won't even be paid for it!

Some people would call such programs a scam. And I agree with them; college is a scam (as are unpaid internships that won't ever become paid ones), especially considering that students are borrowing twice as much as they did a decade ago, after adjusting for inflation.[4] Also considering that college tuition rates are souring much faster than the average inflation rate.[5]

Here's something. In 1952, the cost of full-year tuition at Harvard was $600. $600 in 1952 has the same buying power as $5,198.35 in 2012. But tuition at Harvard isn't $5,000. According to their handbook, tuition for 2011-2012 was $36,305. For 2013? $37,576.

I'm not saying that college is always a bad idea. However, it looks like a gamble to me, and I'm not a gambling man.

The Hunger Games - College Edition

John's "College in a nutshell" also speaks volumes, especially number 1: "Memorize a few books worth of data for 4 years."

I think it speaks volumes, not just about college, but even about school in general. I don't remember any of my tests from high school, for instance. I doubt I'd be able to pass them again, because those classes have nothing to do with any of the jobs I've had. Sure, maybe I can remember HTML and Python, but since I had no interest in any of the American wars, I can guarantee that I wouldn't be able to remember anything other than who won.

Calvin and Hobbes - The School System

I know that it's important to have qualified people to fill high-skilled jobs; don't misunderstand me on that. I know we can't have Joe the Plumber in charge of nuclear research. But how can we have more qualified people in the future if the working class can't afford college? I mean, of course we're assuming that just because you have a piece of paper that says you graduated means that you're qualified, which sounds ridiculous, but who can afford it? If you can willingly put yourself into a massive amount of debt as an "investment," then I think you're insane.

College doesn't sound like an education to me; it sounds more like a product that you're forced to buy just so that you can get a nice job. Which by proxy sounds like you're buying yourself a job.

Free or self education can teach you, but you won't be qualified without a college degree.

However, if it is required to go to college and get a degree in order to receive a job in which you can make a living (and by living, I don't mean become rich, I mean to be able to afford rent/home bills, food, gas, healthcare), then I feel it should be required that college be compulsory and free by it being paid in taxes, like primary and secondary education. Oh, but who am I kidding. I'm unqualified to speak of this subject.

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