April 1, 2013

Book Burning

Book Burning

Oh, how I hate book burnings. I find them disrespectful and nothing short of a puritan mentality; "these books are morally inferior and therefore we must cure the world of these blasphemous ideas!" Such a mentality seems childish to me, and in some cases, dangerous.

Burning books seems to be a quasi-initiation process for atheists. Burn a Bible, burn a Quran... There! I've shown my hatred of these two religions, now I can officially call myself an atheist!

I was raised to respect books. I don't throw books away, and I definitely don't burn them. I feel that in the burning of a book, it's not only the book that is being destroyed, but the author's words as well. This may partly be why some people burn books though; as an expression of hatred of the words in question. Such is why people would burn religious books like the Bible or the Quran.

Mimi and Eunice - Book burning

But it's not always safe to do so. Sure, if you're a nobody, it does no harm. But if you're to record a video of yourself doing it and upload it to Youtube, you're sure to get some attention for it. The religious don't take well to their holy books being destroyed.

You're destroying the book because you think religion is dangerous, leads people to commit atrocities, live in a world where they commit actions based on their emotions, and lead them to live in ignorance? Well, it's not going to help them any for you to destroy their book; they're going to get angry, possibly make threats and commit more actions of atrocities.

Destroying the printed version of somebody's ideas is not the only way to say that you disagree with them or to tell them that they're wrong. It's actually the lazy way to do so. Instead, engage in the debate with them. Instead of only telling them that their ideas are wrong, tell them why their ideas are wrong.

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