August 12, 2013

Why I left the Atheist Community

I have been an atheist for as long as I can remember. Never was I able to believe in God, even as a child; the only reason I went to church was because my parents went, and I thought it was something I was supposed to do. I stopped going to church sometime in middle school, and I realised I was an atheist in high school, and I came out as one at the end of high school, sometime before starting this blog.

Blah blah blah, that's an old story that I've told on here before.

I know that I've expressed my displeasure with the "Atheism Plus" community. I'm still not very favourable towards them, but I'm also not very favourable towards the "Anti-Atheism Plus" community. I think both sides need to grow up, stop acting like children, and quit it with the "my team versus your team" bullshit. I think both sides need to stop publishing rumors against each other (we aren't a fucking tabloid community!) and to stop trying to try people by public opinion. We have legal systems for a reason, and I'm pretty sure none of you are members of the jury.

That goes to both sides. We have the people who, as in Rebecca Watson's case, immediately convict her alleged attacker, but we also have the people who immediately convict Ms Watson as a liar.

We have the atheists who now take to making skeptic and atheist conferences about feminist issues, but on the other side we have atheists who are making local groups into how men are the real victims.

We have PZ Myers fighting with Michael Shermer. Others with DJ Grothe, and I think I heard of one with Phil Plait involved, as well as ones with James Randi and Lawrence Krauss. And these things don't seem to ever end.

I'm really tired of seeing people try others by public opinion. I really am. I'm also really REALLY tired of all of the infighting.

You're just shooting yourself
I think this represents what's happening to the movement quite nicely.

I do think that the atheist community has always been a little argumentative, both inside and outside of the community. I also think the community has always been a little childish as well. But this, I can't stand this anymore.

I am leaving the atheism community. I am no longer going to conferences, and I am no longer focusing on atheism topics on this blog, though this is a decision I was planning on making anyway. I used to tell my religious friends that we, as atheists, are good without God, but honestly, it doesn't feel right telling them that anymore. Anybody who's paying attention can tell you that you don't need to be religious to be a dick. No, I haven't found Jesus, don't worry; I'm just tired of seeing the community that I used to love destroy itself from the inside.

I don't know if the infighting is what has made me lose interest in atheism related topics, or if it's just because I feel I've talked the topic to death, but I do know that it has turned me away from attending conferences, listening to talking points, and from choosing to admire an atheist speaker.

I can't admire an influential atheist without pissing somebody off. I can't admire Richard Dawkins, because he's apparently sexist. I can't admire Sam Harris because apparently he's xenophobic. I can't admire Rebecca Watson because apparently she's a liar. I can't admire Ayaan Hirsi Ali because apparently she's a fake feminist. I can't admire Lawrence Krauss because apparently he's in favour of segregation. I just can't seem to admire anybody without inadvertently picking a side, or at least people fighting with me as if I have joined a side.

This shit has been going on for a year now, and frankly, I'm sick of it, and I can't express that enough.

A new atheist/freethinker group started recently in a nearby city. Maybe I'll join and hope it doesn't try and get involved in this childish game. So maybe I haven't left the community entirely, but I'm extremely close to doing so.

I also realise, I am a nobody compared to people like PZ Myers, Justin Vacula, Rebecca Watson, and Reap Paden. But that doesn't make my discontent with the community any less valid.

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author-pic About Tiger
Tiger is a 22 year old college student, activist, and professional living in the Saint Louis metro area. When he's not being apathetic to the idea of God or writing about atheism, he is serving a presidential term for a mental health organisation and a board membership of another, does public speaking about mental illness and disability, and is a photographer and a bassist.


  1. Totally agree. I gave up several years ago. Took up computer art as a hobby instead, and I'm writing an RPG with procedurally generated worlds. Much more productive and relaxing. The world can take care of itself.

    Good luck

  2. Agreed too.

    There's a fine line between fighting the good fight, and bring a troll. I understand the Richard Dawkins of the world who have made it their life's work to promote secularism and prevent religion broadly affecting and influencing society and it's stances is a noble cause I fully commit to.

    But at the same time, I think alot of the broader more generic atheist community are just burnt trolls with a chip on their shoulder.

  3. Whinge whinge. Chill out dude.

  4. Brian: Excuse me. Are you the Judean Atheist's Front?

    Reg: Fuck off! 'Judean Atheist's Front'. We're the Atheist's Front of Judea! 'Judean Atheist's Front'.

    Francis: Wankers.

    I've given up, just like you. This kind of thing happens to all groups (as demonstrated in my hijacked Life of Brian quote above. It's inevitable, and comical. I'm just happy being a lower-case 'atheist'.


  5. You might well ask, who do you think you were working for as a unpaid barefoot volunteer infantry supporting Dawkins Krauss Randi etc ? Starting 1976 CSICOP was founded by Paul Kurz a publisher of sexual perversion books. Advocacy of that. Decades later Dawkins is still doing commercials for softening the laws on pedophilia, lowering the age of consent. Krauss brings up in every debate with WLC - Homosexual sheep and has disputed his best friends pedophilia conviction and jail sentence, for importing eastern european children. for pedo rings. Krauss insisted his friend is innocent. The court was wrong he said, producing NO EVIDENCE.

    Does it never occurr to skeps/ atheists that theirs could be an orchestrated movement that recruits disaffected angry young men, to unwittingly promote pedophilia, and homosexuality while headkicking christians ? Much evidence to support his. Like 9.5 million a year anonymous funding for a start.

    1. As a child abuse survivor and abuse from narcissistic sociopaths most of my life who were atheist and having to hide my faith all my life I just gotta say thanks Atheist for a wonderful life, There may be bible swingers full of crap sure, But I cannot say living with atheist cured me of wanting to have a faith, you are ISIS to me I am that afraid of you guys, I love people yet know atheist have no true love, even if you love them, "They cannot love me ever it is as BAD as fake bible pushers are, sorry it was my truth." I saw it first hand that is the FUTURE your making - I am sorry to tell my truth. They did not love me they only wanted to be better all the time, even better than each other, I am telling the truth of my life, it wrecked an otherwise normal persons life for many years!!

  6. Of course, Steve. It's all a conspiracy.
    I heard about the Rebecca Watson thing from Thunderf00t, and then I found a bunch of blogs supporting her and condemning him as sexist, so I investigated it further, watched her videos, and concluded that she is a narcissistic sociopath with a staggering victim complex.
    She would definitely put me off the atheist community if she was the first one I encountered. Fortunately the first one I encountered was Professor Dawkins.