December 6, 2013

Update on Future Activity on The Unholy American

Oh wow, it's December.
And just two days ago it was 70 degrees outside, I thought it was still October!

Right, so I'd first like to apologise for the lack of updates these past few months. A lot has been on my plate, which makes it hard to keep this blog running even on the once a month basis that I've had it on. I'll talk about these reasons ahead.


As I've already said, I'm tired of the atheist movement, or rather, I'm tired of atheist-oriented blogs. It may be because I've been reading them for years, have been contributing to one for three years, and because I'm growing older, and in my case, just tired of the arguing, but I just don't enjoy blogging about "atheist issues" anymore. Even if I were paid to do it, I still wouldn't enjoy it.

Obviously, I could do what some atheist blogs are doing and blog about "social justice", but let's get real here: if I were to complain about social injustice on a laptop with a roof over my head, clean water, clothes, and a heated/air conditioned house, sitting on my ass, then I'd be doing nothing but slacktivism. And as we should already know, talking about social justice these days will get you into arguments, or worse.

So since deciding that I will no longer have this blog geared towards mostly atheist related content, that has significantly reduced the amount of content that I am currently able to create. In addition to the change of content provided by The Unholy American, there are a number of changes in my professional and academic life.

In November, I was nominated by the outgoing president to be president of a nonprofit organisation that I do work with. This organisation is a chapter of a larger national nonprofit, and this chapter in particular is the largest and the most active in our state, as well as being one of the few nationally to be fully funded by a donating party. In addition, the executive director of our administrative agency reached out and is interested in having me on her board of directors. I'm also going back to college.

All of these things may have an effect on activity on The Unholy American, so I hope you all can understand.

author-pic About Tiger
Tiger is a 22 year old college student, activist, and professional living in the Saint Louis metro area. When he's not being apathetic to the idea of God or writing about atheism, he is serving a presidential term for a mental health organisation and a board membership of another, does public speaking about mental illness and disability, and is a photographer and a bassist.