October 1, 2012

National Atheist Party?

National Atheist Party?

I don't understand the point of the National Atheist Party. Actually, that was a lie; I do understand the point of it, and the point of it being to have a party that will actually keep church and state separate, and to have a party that will actually support atheists, agnostics, skeptics, etc.

But what after that? The only thing the party will agree on is that there's probably no god out there in the cosmos. But after that, we don't collectively agree on everything, which is one of the awesome things about atheism, and an example of how it's not a religion, in that we don't have leaders telling us what we're supposed to believe. And I also think that's how the NAP will fail.

What is an atheist?
This picture is essentially bullshit.

With the picture above, that's your stereotypical atheist. But not all atheists are Democrats or liberals, or scientifically literate, or "morally superior" or just, or feminists, or pro-choice, etc. An atheist is simply someone who does not believe in gods; it's really nothing more. And I wouldn't really have a problem with this party if they were merely a protest vote or another method of socializing by way of chapters, but they actually "intend and expect to develop into a full-fledged political party." [1]

Taken from their official website, they say "[the] National Atheist Party is a diverse, all inclusive, progressive, secular government."[2]
Secular, of course, but progressive? The majority of the members of the party were going to be between left-leaning to outright socialist and some even Communist or even "Anarchist" anyway, but you've effectively lost conservatives in this one.

Really, I don't find the National Atheist Party anything more than a joke, at least with it's current name. You can't group all atheists; all we agree on is that there's no god. But other than that, there's nothing all atheists agree on. And the fact that one of the mission's of this party is to politically represent U.S. atheists[2], it just shows that you can't have an atheistic political party without assuming all atheists have the same political opinions.

The "National Atheist Party" should just rename itself to the "Secular Progressive Party," in my opinion.

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