January 1, 2013

Did we listen to as much music before the iPod?

Did We Listen to as much Music Before the iPod?

Though I've spent much of my young adult life forgetting my childhood and teenage years, there are still some things I remember. Today, I spend the majority of my time listening to music through my iPod, my mobile phone, or my laptop. When I was a child however, such avenues weren't available to me; sure, we had cassette tapes and some CDs, but those were my parents' choice of music, not mine. Instead of listening to music, I spent my free time playing Banjo-Kazooie.

CD Player

My parents bought me a portable CD player sometime in middle school, and in my freshman year of high school, bought me a 1st generation iPod Shuffle. With the CD player, when I was going places, I'd have to pick a CD to bring and wouldn't be able to change the CD until I returned home. With the iPod Shuffle, I could put my library onto my computer and then onto my iPod. Well, up to between 100 and 145, depending on the song length and bit rate. But if we were to say that the average number of songs my albums had apart was 6, that's roughly between 16 and 24 albums; 15 to 23 more CD albums than I could carry (unless of course I were to use a back pack, which I never used outside of school).

Phil Collins - No Jacket Required

It used to be that the only time music was playing in my house was during weekends when we'd be cleaning the house. Mom would usually have Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Genesis, or the Grateful Dead playing, or college radio instead. I myself only ever listened to the radio as a sleeping aide.
1st Generation iPod Shuffle
I've listened to enough KISS for one life-time.

When I had my Shuffle, I only had enough money to put a couple of songs on it, I think maybe around 10 songs, and the majority of it being rock; my Shuffle is the reason why I refuse to listen to KISS whenever possible, namely "Rock and Roll All Night." When I received an iPod Nano, I had more space for songs, and eventually had enough CDs to where I couldn't put them all on the device.

Today, I have a 160 GB iPod classic, with 10,229 songs on my laptop; around 65 GB. I listen to more than just rock, too. Among the genres, various metal genres, jazz, classical, rap, punk, dance and electronic, pop, rockabilly and game soundtracks.

So did we listen to as much music before the portal music player? Or the iPod? I don't think so. Not only do we probably listen to music more often, but we listen to more of it in quantity as well.

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