September 20, 2014

GMOs: The Way of the Future

I am in favour of GMOs. I anticipate that they are the way of the future, namely, the way we will keep up with feeding our ever growing population; to genetically alter our crops so that they yield more. Genetically altering crops wouldn't just consist of increasing the amount of seed you can get, but also important things like making the crops resistant to diseases that could potentially wipe out the crop in international markets, just like what was happening to the papaya in Hawaii during the 1990s.
GMOs Genetically Modified Organism

More importantly, I am in favour of GMOs because I have more trust in science than I do in loony wackjob conspiracies. I will always have more trust in somebody who works in the field than somebody with a liberal arts degree who just read an article on HuffPo, or someone who's just being trendy.

It is still a relatively young science, so it only makes sense for people to have questions and concerns, such as if it's really as healthy as organic non-gmo produce. With businesses being at the heart of agricultural biotechnology, it makes sense to question the safety of these futuristic foods, and it's even encouraged to question the companies based on business practices.

What we shouldn't be in favour of is deliberately spreading misinformation in order to damage a company, a product, or a science, which is actually what the majority of people are doing under the guise of "being a skeptic". If you fervently defend the overwhelming majority of scientists who declare that global warming is a dangerous thing that is happening right now, but then under your next breath use the same logic that your global warming denialist opponents were just using to attack GMOs, then there is something wrong with your skepticism.

scientific consensus on GMOs
"But there's no scientific consensus!"

If you want to have an organic "Monsanto-free" garden, then please be my guest. I happen to think that more people, especially young adults, should get into gardening; I even have strong opinions on lawns, that being that grass lawns are a waste of space and should instead be gardens to supply food.

But claiming that a company or a science is evil just because you're scared of things you don't understand is stupid, and claiming conspiracy theories like "they're trying to take control of the world's food source" is ludicrous.

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