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Hello! My name is Änicka, and I am a clarinetist currently working and studying in Northern Arizona. I have served as a performing member of many ensembles over the course of my academic career, and I have also performed at the 2010 World Expo. That all being said, the vast majority of my musical studies thus far have been based in academia. (So no, I cannot perform at your cousin's wedding...) This is actually what compelled me to become a contributor for The Unholy American!

      As an aspiring ethnomusicologist, part of my job is to study the impact of various societal issues on artists and their craft. As you might expect, this line of work has led me to become incredibly passionate about topics such as feminism, secularism, racial tolerance, and the over all concept of not treating other human beings like garbage!

      I, much like Tiger, am also constantly striving to utilize my work in such a way as to cultivate a better understanding of mental health and LGBTQ issues. I hope that my own experience with these subjects will enable me to provide even more thoughtful and provoking content for this site.

      My interests include linguistics, the arts, animal rights, food, psychology, food, sociology, food, environmentalism, and.....natural sciences (you thought I was going to say food, didn't you?).