Hey there! My name is Tighe, but you can call me Tiger. I serve as a board member for a non-profit mental health services organisation, and am the past president of a non-profit mental health and advocacy organisation, both in the Saint Louis area.  Obviously, mental health is an important issue to me.

People First of Missouri in Jefferson City
Jefferson City, 2014
I live in the Saint Louis metro area, spending most of my time in various places within Saint Charles County in Missouri, though I frequent Saint Louis city and cross other county lines on occasion for personal enjoyment as well as work.

I like art, languages, playing bass, eating weird vegetarian food, and writing. That last bit is shocking, isn't it?

I started this blog, "The Unholy American" in October of 2010 originally in response to some local political demonstrations, with my first published post being a letter that I had also sent to some Tea Party organizations; that same letter being signed anonymously, and humorously, as "An Unholy-Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Hitler-Nazi-American-Citizen".

This signature was tongue-in-cheek, poking at the habit of conservative radio personalities to use such terms to describe not only atheists but voters of the Left. This was also an homage to an old DarkMatter video.

I realised I could and decided I would use the "Unholy American" moniker to anonymously sign my writings, and from 2010 to 2013, I have produced articles about religion, atheism, politics, and educational articles using the moniker. I decided to break that anonymous signature in 2013, and ever since 2012, I have produced articles discussing mental health.

Due to my personal, professional, and educational lives, I am no longer updating this blog on a monthly basis. Consider this a series of hiatuses. I will still respond to comments when needed, and answer emails, but I will not be as active in making new articles.

Smile more. Drink more water. Exercise more. Do kind things for strangers you've never met.

Need to Contact?

All business inquiries can be made to my email below! You can also contact me at that email for other reasons, just be sure to include a subject so that it doesn't get filtered to my spam bin.

Leaving a comment if it pertains to one of the articles is also a good way to contact.

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